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What makes Nubi Websites different from other website builders?

Nubi Websites stands out by offering a comprehensive solution tailored for businesses. For $89/month, we not only provide a powerful website building platform but go the extra mile by building your site, handling ongoing upkeep, and offering an annual revamp to ensure it remains competitive.

How does Nubi Websites benefit small businesses?

Nubi Websites is an all-in-one solution crafted for small businesses. With our $89/month package, you get a fully managed website that includes building, ongoing maintenance, and yearly revamps. We also provide add-on services such as printing, SEO services, and Social Media services to fully power your digital presence and growth. This allows you to focus on your business while we take care of your online presence.

Can I build a website on my own with Nubi Websites?

Absolutely! Nubi Websites offers a user-friendly interface for customization. Whether you opt for our built-for-you service or choose to manage it yourself, our platform provides flexibility to tailor your site to your brand.

What services are included in the $89/month plan?

The $89/month plan includes website building, ongoing basic maintenance, and an annual revamp. Additionally, you gain access to our client portal where you can add on a la carte services such as printing, social media assistance, paid ads services, and more—a true all-in-one solution for small businesses.

How does the yearly revamp work?

Every 12 months, businesses can request a complimentary revamp for their website. Our aim is to keep your site competitive and aligned with current design trends, specific to your industry. This service ensures your website remains fresh and relevant without the need for costly redesigns.

Does Nubi Websites offer customer support?

Reach out to support via email or via the client portal. The client portal is a dedicated space for business owners to communicate with our team and also add on supplementary services such as printing, social media assistance, and paid ads. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution that enables business owners to focus on their core business operations and rely on us for their digital presence.

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